The Hughes Group Business Advisors

Your Strategic Partner


The Challenge

 Businesses  today confront rapidly changing and fluid environments which can stall or even impede success.  The ability to quickly adapt and overcome challenges is the key to a thriving business.  The Hughes Group is your strategic partner for solutions to the challenges confronting your business.  We provide strategic planning, change management, conflict resolution , diversity & Inclusion training and leadership development.  


Our Approach

Our services include a comprehensive analysis of the circumstances which are impeding your success. We will customize solutions and provide you with a project plan, cost analysis and implementation schedule to help you maximize your success.  Your success is our success. 


Our Expertise

 The Hughes Group is a team of business advisors who leverage the lessons learned from  unique legal careers; leadership of large, complex organizations and deep experience with inter & intra personal communication strategies to partner with businesses, not-for-profits and government agencies to solve seemingly intractable problems with strategic planning, change management, conflict resolution and leadership development .  

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Renee Cardwell Hughes, CEO